Phew – I’ve had the busiest, most exciting couple of months of my career to date. Sometimes things get so hectic it can be tough to remember everything.

Since I last posted an update on my website I’ve been performing internationally and been involved in a couple of TV shows which I’ll make official announcements about soon.

In November 2015 I spent 2 days in Bahrain performing close-up Mind Reading at the Formula One World Endurance Championship. If there’s one thing I can tell you about motor racing it’s this – cars are LOUD! I was wandering around the dining area outside during the day-long race while people took a break to eat. It’s a great way to spend a day as the people there come and go throughout the day so there were hundreds of people for me to perform to. Although with the volume of the cars it could be tough to communicate my usual effects which require concentration on my voice so I created a couple of new pieces which can be done in relative silence. Look forward to showing you what I came up with sometime!

Then in December I was flown out to the Seychelles to perform a private hypnosis show for a Middle Eastern Sheikh and his entourage, which was an amazing experience – I didn’t even know who would be in the audience until I stepped out on stage to be greeted by a room full of beautiful young performers who were all well up for volunteering and had 20 extroverts on stage throughout the show with some of the best reactions I’ve ever seen on stage. Looking forward to going back there some time!

But the biggest news is the TV show I’ve been recording for the last couple of months – more info to follow soon, watch this space.