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On this page you will find a selection of Ben Dali’s favourite excerpts from his show ‘Strictly Come Trancing’, and an array of other videos of his extra-curricular activities and insights into the world of hypnosis. 

For the full range of Ben Dali’s videos, please visit his amazing Youtube Channel  – click on the picture ->        Concentrate

The Musical Mystery Tour
Join Ben on a musical journey through all the magical and hypnotic songs that have inspired him, and see how many of the 31 artists you can recognise. This musical showcase is set to visual highlights from ‘Strictly Come Trancing’ plus special bonus footage and interactive optical illusions for your enjoyment.

Top 25 Moments of Edinburgh Fringe 2016
Check out this compilation countdown of the best highlights from Ben’s 30 hours of ‘Strictly Come Trancing’ from Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016
Ben Dali TV Highlights
Check out Ben’s 4 most high-profile TV appearances from the ages of 18 to 28 – clips taken from Brainteaser, Countdown, The People’s Quiz and The Chase. Full episodes of each can be found on Youtube. Ben’s biggest appearance since then is Take Me Out – full details, video links and blog can be found RIGHT HERE
Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Highlights
Street Mentalism Highlights 
1,000,000 views in 24hrs Unilad video
Hypnotising X-Factor boyband Union J