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Presents his show with an unbounding professionalism and confidence

Dali has a good sense of humour and immediately connects with his audience. It’s an appealing set that draws a lot of laughs and Dali is a great performer. Dali presents his show with an unbounding professionalism and confidence. He fosters a great performance from each individual. A great show if you’re curious about hypnotism. BROADWAY BABY 2016


A very funny show, difficult to find fault with Ben’s act 

“Ben’s brand of humour is genuine, connecting very well with his audience and establishing a base of comradery. ‘Strictly Come Trancing’ is a very funny show and a great way to spend an hour laughing at your friends doing silly – but not humiliating – things. It is difficult to find fault with Ben Dali’s act”       BROADWAY BABY 2015


His delivery of words and actions really stand out and captivate

Ben Dali has a wonderful confident stage presence, his delivery of words and actions really stand out and captivated me and my team by how his hypnotism effected the subject. Ben had a great attitude towards our project, doing more than asked from him to help out our me and the team. Ben is friendly and very social person, the whole team were really impressed by not only his work but by him as a person. CHRIS GOODISON – HEAD VIDEOGRAPHER at UNILAD


“I was completely blown away with the way Ben managed to read my mind…..still in shock now”



Dali shall be as famous as his artistic namesake

“His paltry 31 years belie completely his absolute proficiency in the psuedo-science that is Hypnotism. Dali takes his volunteers & the audience on a journey.  An intelligent & warm-peforming gentleman, one expects that in a decade or so…Dali shall be as famous as his artistic namesake in his own, eternally peculiar field.”  MUMBLE CIRQUE


The audience loved it!

“I can’t tell you how good Ben Dali is, I can safely say the audience loved it…some very funny moments! If you like hypnosis shows, you’ll love this one. Baffling!

Chris Neville-Smith, Theatre Critic


A lot of fun, plenty of humour

“Ben Dali applies lots of fun and keeps it rolling with plenty of humour. It’s a fun hour with the volunteers all acting in the strangest ways under hypnosis, without ever being humiliated in any way.

Fife Today


He had the audience in fits of laughter

The show was very entertaining, the performance professional and enthusiastic. With wonderful stage presence and fantastic comedic timing he had the audience in fits of laughter

CultNoise Magazine


 The show is as hilarious as it is mesmerising

“Ben Dali’s ‘Strictly Come Trancing’ always pulls in a full house at Bush Hill Park. He gets the audience involved and the show is as hilarious as it is mesmerising.  The best bit about the show is the fact that your friends can volunteer to be hypnotised. This means you know that it’s not a set up – Ben is the real deal.”
Chris Dobson, Tennis Chairman, Bush Hill Park Bowls Tennis & Social Club


I thoroughly recommend Ben to anyone looking for something a bit different                                        “Ben performed at our wedding in 2014 and it was a real treat to see our guests captivated (and totally bamboozled!) by his skills. He kept people entertained throughout our drinks reception with clever mind-reading tricks and challenges delivered with flair. I would thoroughly recommend Ben to anyone looking for something a bit different for their event or party.”                                                                                                                            

 Fiona Young, 2014 Bride


The main topic of conversation on Sunday was your show
“Thanks for giving us such a great night last Saturday, the main topic of conversation on the Sunday was your show.  We can certainly recommend you not only for personality but your total professionalism throughout also the humour and sense of fun. A GREAT NIGHT OUT

Looking forward to the next show!!”
Allan and Jo Lovelock, Chair and Secretary, Marlborough Club, Didcot


It definitely brought something extra special
“It was a delight to have Ben entertaining the guests at our wedding. Lots of people commented how great he was and it definitely brought something extra special to the day!”                                                                                                                                                                                            Jo Weston, 2014 Bride


The feedback I have received has been very positive
“Thanks for putting on a very entertaining show at our last Cabaret night all of the feedback I have received has been very positive & I look forward to you performing at our club again in the near future”

Mick Whitehead, Entertainment Manager, Salisbury Conservative Club, Cambridgeshire


Enjoyed by everyone. I will definitely, definitely book him again
“Ben puts on a great show, the full package, enjoyed by everyone. I will definitely, definitely book him again.”

Jerry Burford, Chairman, Hardwick Sports and Social Club, Cambridgeshire


A great show
“A great show – anyone who can get me to ballet dance, and turn and Arsenal Supporter into a Spurs fan can’t be bad!!”

Sean Belton, Entertainment Manager, Ponders End Working Men’s Club


The wedding wouldn’t have been the same without him

“Ben Dali’s card tricks left the guests at our wedding impressed, confused and most importantly very entertained. Highly recommended, the wedding wouldn’t have been the same without him and all our married friends were jealous of us!”

Tim Love, 2014 Groom

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 And some testimonials from people who have been hypnotised:

Here is a selection of emails, private messages and texts I received from performers I hypnotised during Edinburgh Fringe:

“Just wanted to send you a message to let you know incredible I found the  whole experience of being hypnotized by you.
I had never been hypnotized before so had no idea what to expect or whether it would work on me.
It’s been a few days now and I seriously haven’t stopped thinking/talking about it. I am an actor and your hypnotism put me in this incredible place where the usual barriers/anxiety’s I can sometimes be faced with on a stage disappeared and you gifted me with this incredible sense of freedom. It seriously was a liberating experience and looking back at the freedom your hypnosis  extracted from me is something I genuinely believe that I can look back on to help me with my confidence/freedom in my work in the future.
So I just wanted to send you this to let you know that I’m absolutely in awe of what you do/did and to give you a thank you for such an enjoyable/fun time at your show!
I hope the rest of your Edinburgh run is a huge success!”


“I haven’t felt so happy and amazing in a long time. I actually suffer from severe anxiety and find it hard to relax. Yesterday I had no problem doing so.  Thanks so much for a brilliant show you are amazing :-)


“Ah Ben mate thanks for bringing some of the cast up on stage yesterday, it was f**king awesome. We all got much closer through the experience, it’s like we know each other loads better, seriously, you turned a cast into a family man, let us know if you’re performing near us x”


“Hey, I was on stage with you earlier. I came up cos I was stressed at having a couple of shows without an audience and tbh I didn’t believe in hypnosis but thought I’d give it a shot. I can’t believe it worked! How did you even do that? I’m feeling great now and am not even worried about the stuff that was pissing me off before. Thank you! Wish you loads of success for the rest of the festival, I’m going come back to see the show again too xxx”


“OMG I just got hypnotised by Ben Dali! Best experience ever! Better than sex and drugs, seriously, everyone should try it, I feel bloody great :-) :-) 🙂 ”