It’s currently 16:00 on Saturday 30th January 2016.

I recorded Take Me Out on Monday 23rd November.  It was the most incredible experience of my life to date, and it has a lot of competition to reach that accolade.  There’s so much I want to talk about but still have to wait a bit longer.  So far it’s been 1,632 hours since leaving the studio. Only 4 hours left to go!

Right now I’m going a bit crazy in the hopes that my memory of events is accurate and I was entertaining and likeable, and not, erm, an arsehole. The other 3 guys who come down in Paddy’s lift today are amazing people, got really lucky with the episode.  We had a wonderful day together backstage preparing, and, getting each other all fired up for the big moment.  We were all really proud of the episode at the time and hope that it makes for good television.


In the run-up to the show airing there was an article about me on the Barnet News website

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