Well the show made no secret that I’m impartial to writing the occasional list or two, so what  better way to round off this epic journey? And yes, you do get two lists.  Coming up shortly, my Top 10 Favourite Take Me Out Tweets.  But first, the Top 20 moments from Take Me Out:

20. The journey back from Fernandos – no cameras, no pressure, no fighting

19. The post-transmission social media responses (see below)

18. The night out before the recording of The Reunion, or at least what I can remember of it. Not such a big fan of the next morning though.

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17. A brief game of Charades with Lotte through the Bob diving equipment, we couldn’t talk or communicate but we got to have fun in the most bizarre and beautiful of environments.

16. Arriving at the club to spend a night with the group and Mark and Laura. It felt special getting attention from the rest of the club (mainly cos of Wrighty) – a welcome opportunity to let our hair down, have some drinks, dance with new friends and see how the night would unwind.


15. Discovering that during the Bob Diving, Lotte and I had both been singing ‘Bobbing Along Under the Beautiful Briny Sea’ from Bedknobs & Broomsticks. We had a €1 bet over whether the song ends “Have a banana” – transpires it does in the version on my CD but not in the film, hence giving her the coin at the Reunion.


14. The taxi drive to Casa Fernandos – it was a welcome relief to just sit and chat comfortably with my date without needing to perform or be ‘on’.


13. The day spent recording the VT – having a whole crew filming summary highlights of my life was very personal and involving and my first real insight into the operations of Reality TV.

12. On the boat near the start of the date Lotte said she was planning to present her first pub quiz which gave us an easy first topic of conversation to get the ball rolling.

11. When we got back from the club most of us went to bed while Paul stuck a pizza in the oven. In the morning, there was an untouched burnt pizza on the table. I thought it would be funny to take it outside and pretend that it was breakfast. Then I told Paul to ‘go long’, he went to the other side of the pool and I threw it over to him like a Frisbee. It fell short and went into the pool.  We shot a second take and he caught it beautifully. I wondered which version they’d use. The answer was neither. Incidentally, a short while after breakfast Paul put 2 more pizzas in the oven. They both burnt too.

10. Performing Mind Reading in the club successfully – the whole group gathered round and each put a hand into the circle. One of them concealed a ring and I read their body language to deduce who was holding it. Possibly my finest moment, but alas, it did not see the light of day. However you can view the debut stage performance of this effect, taken from my 30th birthday party right here (the second camera angle being shot on Google Glass):

9. The end of my date. Sure, I got rejected, but it can be tough to tell someone who likes you that you only want them as a friend and she handled it with grace and tact, without misleading or giving mixed signals. Lotte told me she wanted a friendship and we formed one that very instant with no subsequent awkwardness (or so I thought). Our story had pretty much ended before The Gossip and didn’t require any maintenance so we could use that time to solidify our bonds with the others.

8. Having a heart-to-heart with Harry in the morning after the trip to the club. Did my best to help him get past his bout of low morale with some well constructed advice from a neutral outside perspective.

vlcsnap-2016-02-10-16h10m40s31    vlcsnap-2016-02-10-16h11m17s142

7. Arriving at Casa Fernandos and seeing Paul and Terezita waiting for Lotte and me – Paul and I had formed a bit of a bromance over the past couple of days. I’d been so focussed on my date and establishing a relationship with Lotte that until that moment I never paused to appreciate the fact that I’d made a second great friend through my time on Take Me Out and I wanted to spend time with him just as much.


6. There was a little tension at breakfast in the aftermath of HarryAndAmygate so I took it upon myself to perform a little magic and sing a little opera to lighten the mood. It’s nice to perform to an encouraging and appreciative audience and the timing for a little showing off was ideal and welcomed.


5. Seeing Lotte at the very start of date – I knew she would be a great person but knew so very little about her at this point, really I’d only heard her say maybe 3 sentences, and she was still a complete mystery. It was exciting to know that I was just a brief moment away from starting to piece that mystery together.


4. Walking back into the Green Room after securing my date to see all 3 of my budding friends sitting there waiting to congratulate and celebrate with me and confirm that we were all going to Fernandos together


3. The split-second I heard the first beat of my 17th favourite song, the Jackson 5’s ‘Can You Feel It?’ and the lift shuddered into movement. I’d been standing there for a few minutes pumping myself up: feeling well rehearsed, the most handsome and best dressed I’ve ever been in my life, brimming with confidence and anticipation, then in one instant – feel a movement, hear the opening line of the absolutely perfect track to represent and introduce me… and it’s Go Time.

vlcsnap-2016-02-11-13h23m21s240 vlcsnap-2016-02-11-13h24m02s121 vlcsnap-2016-02-11-13h24m29s163 vlcsnap-2016-02-11-13h24m53s112

2. The moment my performance piece in the studio finished and I looked up to see that Lotte had left her light on for me. I’d been focussing so hard on throwing the magic lights around that I didn’t dare glance over to see if hers was one of the 6 lights I heard go off. Then I finished, took a bow and a deep breath before looking in her direction to the ultimate relief that she had stayed on and knowing that nothing could stop me from taking her to Fernandos.


  1. It’s… four dead worms!

And to close the blog, some highlights (and lowlights) of the relevant tweets sent out after the airing of Take Me Out, Take Me Out date review and Take Me Out: The Gossip

  1. Beth Hewitt@bethhewittxx

Life goals: to be as happy as Ben swinging in a hammock


  1. Kate@katelavie

Still not over Ben in last night’s Take Me Out. Can he have his own show? Amazing.


  1. Megan Renton@MooToTheRescue

Ben is the best person who has ever been on #takemeout


  1. Ronnie@RonDoggyDogg

Hi Ben I play for a team called @saltashunited was just wondering if you would be my friend and mascot ? Woof.


  1. natalie evans curry@natalie5alive

@PaddyMcGuinness 4 dead worms. Rewound 9 times in our house ???



  1. Adam Firrell@AdamFirrell (who clocked my Dumb & Dumber quote)


I got it my friend. Thought is was hilarious ??


4. Margarita Sebastian@magssebastian

Ben is basically this series equivalent of James Bond let’s face it. Suaaaave to the bone. #ebay #TakeMeOut #legend


  1. Liv Midgley@liv_midgley

Just seen the hypnotist who hypnotised us at Edinburgh fringe on take me out? he’s bare cute



  1. Alice@AlicesInput

Been cry-laughing at this guy for 15 minutes! FOUR DEAD WORM! So chuffed with himself


1.Sidney rodwell ‏@SidneyRodwell 

Awkward, @PaddyMcGuinness, when the contestant has more talent than the host… #takemeout

Paddy McGuinness@PaddyMcGuinness

@SidneyRodwell that’s not that difficult.


And 3 creative yet dishonourable mentions which amused me and stood out from the sea of “This guy’s got to get a blackout”s, “This guy’s a complete cock”s, and “This guy’s David Gest’s lovechild”s


  1. Ash@COYS1986

Nah, even by this shows standards Ben is a MASSIVE Bellwhiff.


  1. Bass Monster@DaBassMonsta

She’ll regret friendzoning him when he’s caving in her skull before dismembering her corpse and burying her remains in the woods.


1.Shadow McFist ‏@DrJamesMasonry 

“I’ve made thousands of balloon models… Of cocks.”CZ_1M6qWcAAij7A

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