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Strictly Come Trancing Hypnosis Show

I have performed the Comedy Stage Hypnosis show ‘Strictly Come Trancing’ since 2012. Typically 90-100 minutes long, the show can be adjusted to between 60 and 120 minutes. I’m happy to adapt each performance of ‘Strictly Come Trancing’ to suit an adult or family audience, create specialist sketches to appeal to audiences with a shared job or hobby, and consider any other criteria to personalise the show to your venue or event.  My brand new show ‘Take A Trance On Me’ takes on the same format with different hypnosis sketches and will launch in Summer 2017 and is also available for booking now. Please enquire here for more details

‘Strictly Come Trancing’ opens with a comedy introduction to the science behind Hypnosis, with magic and optical illusion. After this, volunteers are invited to take part in the show, hypnotised in front of the audience’s very eyes and then given a series of hilarious and fascinating suggestions to create a unique hypnotic experience that volunteers and audiences alike will remember for the rest of their lives. The show leans heavily towards audience participation and provides the very rare opportunity for the crowd to interact with the hypnotics.

Mentalism/Mind-Reading (Close-up and Stage)

I’m also available to perform Close-up Mentalism around your venue, corporate event or social function. With over a decade of intense study and practise, I have perfected many difficult Mind-Reading techniques and designed a number of exclusive mind-boggling effects to demonstrate just how much the brain is capable of. These include deducing which celebrity someone is thinking of, locating which member of a group is concealing a mystery object by mass body language assessment, and implanting suggestions such as playing cards with advanced psychological techniques. Must be seen to be believed.

Additionally, I have a 20-45 minute Mind Reading stage show in which remarkable Mentalism demonstrations that stretch the capabilities of psychological entertainment to the fullest are presented as engaging performances that have amply opportunity for volunteers to have their minds read without being hypnotised. Please view here a showreel of Close-up Mind Reading and an example Stage show. 


Media Appearances/Expert Opinions

Having appeared in a number of high profile TV shows and functions, I am a confident and sought after voice for the Hypnosis and Mind Reading communities.  As a (relatively) young Hypnotist I’m better in touch with contemporary culture than those performers who have been around for generations, confident and entertaining on camera and in high responsibility environments, and highly savvy in what does and doesn’t constitute quality entertainment.  I am able to target the service I provide to the individual project and have a record of contributing to strong content from the clients who I’ve worked for.  These include a highly tailored hypnosis segment for UNILAD, hypnotising Union J for MTV, discussing and demonstrating hypnotherapy for BBC Radio 4, performing a hypnosis show for Middle Eastern Royalty and a tailored show for Google. I have also appeared as a contestant on shows such as Take Me Out, Countdown and The Chase, providing entertaining television every time and becoming accustomed to performing front of cam. Links and videos of reviews, press and media appearances can be found on Ben Dali in the Media here: www.bendali.c.ouk/media

Weddings and Parties

I delight in performing Close-Up Mind Reading at weddings and other relevant parties and social functions, and guarantee to make any event stand out, and can be your DJ as well.  Aside from mastery in reading minds and entertaining, I’m also a perfect push to help your guests to break the ice and get talking. Your wedding is guaranteed to cast a shadow over all of your friends’ ceremonies and be talked about for generations to come. I provided a competitive Wedding Package with Mentalism and a Disco complete with all the music you need to hear on your special day. And if you want to go that extra step at your wedding, why not also consider booking ‘Strictly Come Trancing’ or the ‘Mentalism Show’?

For specialist events where even wider variety of entertainment is desired, please contact me to discuss any requirements you have.

I’m available to perform in social clubs, corporate events, theatres, student unions, pubs, hotels, holiday parks, cruise ships, weddings, parties, television, and any other entertainment events.

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