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I’m Ben Dali – Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Mentalist; my background comprises Psychology, Stand-up Comedy, Game Show Presentation, Magic and Quizzes

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I first became interested in Mind Reading techniques when introduced to police methods of detecting lies in criminals during a Criminology module at University, and decided to study them myself.  I mastered all 1,306 of them in 7 minutes (or was it years?) and started practising Mentalism for entertainment purposes. By 2015, I demonstrated my command of Mentalism by successfully detecting the deeply concealed tells of Sir Ian McKellen.

In the Summer of 2008 I saw someone who was billed as ‘One of the Top 5 Hypnotists in Europe’ and watched the show in awe and amazement, with only one thing going through my mind…  “I COULD DO THAT!”  I then spent a couple of years researching and practising the artform before creating my stage show ‘Strictly Come Trancing’, which has been touring and evolving since 2012.

In May 2013 I hypnotised one of the top 10,000 greatest boybands in the history of popular music – Union J.  The band, who came 4th in X-Factor 2012, recruited me to hypnotise them for their Youtube Channel.  The incredible results can be viewed here:

I believe entertainers should try and exploit all their skills, interests and experience to its full potential.  Hypnosis, being such a dynamic form of entertainment limited only by the hypnotist’s imagination, gives plenty of opportunity for creative design that makes each show unique to its hypnotist.  And so with my varied background, in ‘Strictly Come Trancing’, you can expect anything from live rapping to political debate, featuring modern and relevant news stories and pop culture celebrities.  Each show is tailored to the audience and hypnotic volunteers so it’s always fresh and unpredictable.  Keep all your eyes out for video highlights from ‘Strictly Come Trancing’ on my Youtube Channel:


In 2015 I was the only hypnotist performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, during which over 2,000 people came to see ‘Strictly Come Trancing’.  The success of the show started a trend that led to multiple hypnosis shows in 2016 where I enjoyed a similar success.  Here is a 5-minute abridged version of one 2015 show, and a full unabridged show from 2016:   



I’ll have recently performed at a corporate event for Google, Formula One in Bahrain, Middle Eastern royalty in the Seychelles, UNILAD, performed hypnotherapy on BBC Radio 4 and starred on ITV’s Take Me Out in 2016, as well as running a free monthly variety show in London called Not So Secret Society London

For a truly unique hypnotic experience from one of the UK’s top entertainers, get in touch with Ben Dali today!