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Ben Dali in the Media

It’s been an exciting 12 months – here’s a few pieces of coverage and links to articles and appearances in the media regarding Edinburgh Festival 2015, 2016, Take Me Out and pieces of general interest. Edinburgh 2016: Great 3* review […]

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Take Me Out Blog Part VI: The Lists

Well the show made no secret that I’m impartial to writing the occasional list or two, so what  better way to round off this epic journey? And yes, you do get two lists.  Coming up shortly, my Top 10 Favourite Take […]

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Take Me Out Blog Part V: The Casa

Casa Fernandos. CASA FERNANDOS! So much drama, so much fun.  The saddest thing about the entire Take Me Out journey is that the 24 hours the 8 of us spent together had to be reduced to 32 minutes of television. […]

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Take Me Out Blog Part IV: Fernandos

As soon as Lotte and I got down the stairs after recording the main show we were separated, destined never to see each other again. Well, not until the moment the cameras started rolling as we met in Fernandos about […]

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Take Me Out Blog Part III – Take Ben Out

After 2 months of prep, telling my life story to strangers, vigorous research into the show and a whole day in the studio my music started (Jackson 5’s ‘Can You Feel It?’ – my 17th favourite song) and the lift […]

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